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Premise Based Office Server setup.

Small & medium Business Solutions.
Key Features
Its not just any ordinary server, checkout the salient features that are bundled with this powerhouse server.

Web content Filtering
Reports for websites hits and Bandwidth usage
Multiple File Sharing Access
Real Time Data Backup
Access controlled File System
Extension based download control
File scanning and security
Advanced counter-intrusion Firewall
Printing Spoolers
Database Server
CRM Server for Sales
LAN Application Hosting
Web based Administration
Monitoring and Recording
Multi-Lingual support
LAN CHAT options
Communication Extensions
and much more...

The heart of any Company requires a robust and efficient Server. It improves the performance and productivity of all executives and provides a lean way of consolidating and monitoring data.

Web Content Filter

Today, with internet being one of the most important paces to be, it is also your responsibility to make sure that only the right places are visited.
One click reporting that shows uses custom range periods of data usage calender-wise or system wise. A detailed breakdown of different applications that download or upload data alongwith usage by domain names.
From productivity reasons to safety, we provide a custom filtering system to suit your needs.

Access Controlled File Sharing & Auto Backup

One of the best technologies are applied to create a single system capable of versioning all your data files. All your employees can access the latest file without having to email them, or share them through unsecured LAN shares. Real-time backup protects you from accidental deletion or malicious intentions. You can also configure daily, weekly and monthly backups that work in round-robin saving a lot of time doing it manually and writing to multiple devices. We can also integrate your drives with cloud and removable media so that you are safe during internet downtimes.
Every user has unique credentials that log activity and an access control hierarchy that provides access to limited data. Other features include file permissions that may allow a user to view a file but not edit, modify or delete it.

CRM Server

Out of the box, the product focuses on Sales, Marketing, and Service (help desk) sectors. A powerful reporting tool allows you to create reports in the blink of an eye. Clearly defined reports to deduce Performance, Campaign performance and Real time reporting along with remote capabilities.
Comes with an amazing CRM for all your needs and allows quiet integration to your custom applications.