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Brand new GSM Gateways/cards available in India.

1-3 year Warranty on Hardware.

Call +91-95350 12369 for sample.

Attractive Pricing. Far lesser than Digium / Sangoma or OpenVox / Matrix

GSM CARD (PCI & PCIe) - 2 Port   19,900
GSM CARD (PCI & PCIe) - 4 Port   29,900
GSM CARD (PCI & PCIe) - 8 Port    Call
GSM Gateway (SIP/LAN) - 4 Port   23,500
GSM Gateway (SIP/LAN) - 8 Port   48,000
GSM Gateway (SIP/LAN) - 16 Port   70,000
GSM Gateway (SIP/LAN) - 24 Port   110,000
GSM Gateway (SIP/LAN) - 32 Port   125,000

4/8/16/32 GSM/CDMA Channels
GSM: Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz, CDMA: 800MHz
Elastix TM Certified and works Asterisk TM, Freeswitch TM, YATE as well as other open source projects
PSTN and VoIP Hotline
Flexible Dial Rules and Manipulation Rules
SMS Sending and Receiving
Carrier Selection
Remote SIM Card Management(SIMCloud)

E1 / T1 PRI Lines

There is only one line physically terminating on the customer PBX but still a PRI line can upto receive/send 30 calls simultaneously! A PRI line is end to end digital circuit.

A PRI circuit consists of two pairs of copper lines terminating on a modem from a service provider premises to the customer premises. There are two common forms of PRI lines - E1 (which carry 30 channels in the two pairs of copper lines, common in Europe, India) and T1 (which carry 23/24 channels in the two pairs of copper lines, common in United States).

A PRI line can connect to both Analog/Mixed EPABX systems and also the newer IP PBX systems. A PRI Card / Interface might be required to terminate the PRI circuit on the PBX.

The public switched telephone network (PSTN) is the network of the world's public circuit-switched telephone networks which includes mobiles and fixed telephones.

GSM Dialers

Tags: SIM Bank, Channel Bank, GSM Gateway

The GSM Channel Bank is used to terminate in-bound and out-bound call traffic from ISDN (PRI), Analog Fixed networks, or VoIP directly into the GSM wireless networks in order to reduce the call termination rates.

Lower-cost minute-based allotments offered by different SIM cards can be implemented using a GSM Channel Bank with LCR functions when connected to alternative carrier's network.

It connects the PBX/PABX directly to the GSM networks and routes incoming and outgoing calls via LCR applications to the mobile telephone network, thus providing a cost-effective alternative for fixed-to-mobile or mobile-to-fixed telephone calls.

The choice of technology depends on custom needs based on expenditure to channel requirements. GSM banks are available in 1/2/4/16/32 ports.

The software IP-PBX provided by us is independent of the selected carrier and works seamlessly in all scales.

The legal use of each system varies in different countries and we adhere to all prescribed rules.

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