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Call Center Solutions.

The heart of any Contact center requires a robust and efficient Dialer. It improves the performance and productivity of all executives and provides a lean way of consolidating and monitoring data.

Predictive Dialer
Gone are the days of manual dialing, where agents spent time punching numbers and listening to custom answering machines.
Only real human answered calls are routed to agents and all they have to do is start assisting valued customers.

Inbound & Blended Solutions
One of the best technologies are applied to create a single system capable of handling inbound and outbound traffic simultaneously. Todays contact centers have a pre-requisite demand for such blended solutions for the most cost effective implementation.

Integrated Reporting
A powerful reporting tool allows you to create reports in the blink of an eye. Clearly defined reports to deduce Agent Performance, Campaign performance and Real time reporting along with remote capabilities.
Comes with an amazing CRM for all your needs and allows quiet integration to your custom CRM.

Key Features
Its not just any ordinary dialer, checkout the salient features that are bundled with this powerhouse server.

Adaptive dialing algorithm
Supports clustering of servers
Multiple campaings on single server
IVR support
Broadcast dialing
Voicemail extensions
ACD for Inbound / closer
All calls recording
Scheduled callbacks
Remote login for all
3rd Party conferencing with DTMF
Lead filtering
Web based Administration
Monitoring and Barging
Multi-Lingual support
In-built CHAT options
and much more...