Development Arena

Focus on emerging technologies with  robust  frameworks  and simple integration with existing models for many verticals.
Bio-metrics and robotics as well.


IT Services booming

Strategic planning to optimize resources and minimise costs enabling  SME's  to  grow  in competitive markets worldwide.
Think & grow.


Communication Needs

Defined  by  us  as "Yet another Revolution", this century will see the world shrink even smaller and explore the unseen. Multi-lingual transformations and unification.

Our vision is oriented towards a more real-time approach than simple networking with the least invasion of privacy.

User interaction is raised to a new level with more senses coming in to play, time saving, effort-less and fun.

Studies show that an average user spends enormous time authenticating himself, retrieving personal information and yet his data is at the mercy of security designed by others...

Know more about our innovation workshops and find out what we can change today so that we can write a better tomorrow.

Motivation amongst graduating engineers and different approaches applied by us.

April, 2011

Android Works

  Combining the fastest growing OS with smarter apps...
December 5, 2010

The Talk Project Launched

  Dialer capabilities for domestic or international centres...
October 30, 2010

SIP Telephony

 Working towards the next communication revolution...